Battle Realms Legacy is a longstanding version of Battle Realms, having a tenure of over 18 years before the advent of the Battle Realms Zen Edition. It represents the original Battle Realms game, specifically version 1.50q, often referred to as the true Winter of the Wolf. This version was in circulation before Battle Realms Zen Edition made its debut on Steam.

One might ask, why not shift to the Zen Edition on Steam? The answer lies in the undeniable quality of the original Battle Realms. Its ability to retain relevance and attract players, despite the absence of developer support, is a testament to its excellence.

The Zen Edition, while newer and boasting superior graphics, is fundamentally distinct from Battle Realms Legacy. The original version still retains a special place in many gamers’ hearts, including some who currently enjoy the Zen Edition. Their love for Battle Realms emanates from this Legacy version.

This phenomenon can be observed in classic games like Mario Bros or Starcraft Brood War, where despite the arrival of successors like Starcraft 2, a segment of gamers still find themselves drawn to the originals. These iconic games shaped their love for the series and, when reminiscing about Battle Realms, former players often think of the original version, not the Zen Edition on Steam.

Therefore, the aim of this website is to help you keep playing Battle Realms Legacy, to ensure its spirit continues to thrive. Just like Super Mario Bros., released back in 1985, still harbors a fondness among gamers today, we aspire for Battle Realms Legacy to follow the same path.

How to play Battle Realms Legacy Version 1.50q Online Steps:

  1. Get Battle Realms version 1.50q ( or any other sources)
  2. Download Gameranger
  3. Install Battle Realms and Gameranger
  4. Create an account with Gameranger
  5. Add Battle Realms to Gameranger
  6. Start joining or hosting a game


Download Battle_Realms.exe which will zoom out your Battle Realms for a better view.

Rush Practice Map

Freedom 4 Players Map

Valley of Death 8 Players Map